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With a good friend, I visited Bulgaria on a whim. We returned to our long-suffering husbands having bought a house or two. We began to revisit rather more often and for much longer than either husband liked, enjoying the country, the culture and the inhabitants so much that I wrote the first novel, “ The Big Bulgarian Adventure”, a tongue-in-cheek account of renovating a remote village property, where handsome half-stripped builders flexed their pecs to our unconcealed approval.

Cost inc.P&P £7.50

(Available direct from the author )

Bulgaria Bites Back” took my first impressions to a deeper level, and records the continuing sagas of neighbourly intervention, how to survive the killer potion Rakia and Husbands on a Short Fuse driving demented on Bulgaria's mountainous highways.

Cost inc. P&P: £7.50

(Available direct from the author

Under The Plum Tree” continues the saga into the future as the two women coerce their husbands by fair means and foul to live out their dreams for real. (Available shortly)

Sue Seddon's Little Book of Lancaster” is a tribute to this vibrant, historic and characterful city, but it is also a viable guide book, featuring the author's slant on shops, market, arts events and buildings making up the Palatine's jewel in the crown. It also has a good pull-out Ordnance Survey map.

Cost: £4.95

(New version, ten years on, "Sue Seddon's Bigger Book of Lancaster available in spring 2019 from Lancaster Visitor Information Centre, Waterstone's, The Borough and Atkinson's Teas and Coffees. Also direct from the author

After launching a few books it was time for yet more fun. People liked listening to spicy tales and quirky descriptions, especially of local characters and events. I began by reading, then performing, pieces I'd written. I liked that too. So there are now several strands to the Sue Seddon performance schedule:

Plays: written for specific festivals and events, often loosely based on local history and always irreverent, the plays were devised and performed by The Thursday Girls and their token men. Titles include: Dockside Doxies, Lanterbury Tales and Six Weddings and a Funeral.

Shows: The Queen Mother, Gertrude Lawrence, Mrs Dickens, Mrs Beeton and Agatha Christie have all allowed themselves to be portrayed by the indomitable Sue with interference from associate characters who refuse to be left out.

Talks, illustrated by visuals, tangibles and peppered with anecdotes. There are currently 8 titles:

1)The Big Bulgarian Adventure:buying and renovating in a remote corner of eastern europe without language, knowledge or sense

2)Tales from the Tavern: a collection of quirky characters from Gran the Gusset Tester to Nigella Ladylumps hold forth in Sue's own one-woman show

3)The Lune from Source to sea: follow the river's fascinating history

4)Tales of Morecambe Bay: its tragedies, triumphs, legends, life and times

5)The Duchy of Lancaster: a proud history of the Palatine

6)Ladies who have their say: Catherine Dickens, Mrs Beeton and contemporaries give their point of view, whether the men like it or not

7)The Queen's Speech: the Queen Mother recounts her unconventional life, without restraint. With help from Gertrude Lawrence and horror from daughter Lizzie.

8) An Evening with Agatha: the famous crime writer engages the audience in her latest novel while one of her characters loses the plot.

The talks are factual but fun, and Sue can be hired to deliver an entertaining hour on these and requested subjects. ( 01524 844889)

Comedy: A family of characters soon relegated Sue to roadie status:

Gran the Gusset Tester, a rude old woman from Skerton, inexhaustable in her quest to get Him Indoors started without jump leads. Famous for her love of suet.

Nigella Ladylumps, rather posh, a snooty if unintentionally humorous cookery presenter. Her plum duffs are a national treasure.

West End Wendy presents her Wonder Workout, covering such tricky details as strapping in unwanted bulges, getting in trim for the pulling season and how to enhance bum cleavage.

Sue performs solo and with long-suffering accomplices in and around Lancaster: see What's On for details or book Cabaret, Comedy Music and Mayhem direct from